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Above, we have a general representation of the spirit which can be asspciated with many beliefs from the New Age, Kundalini Yoga, Chritianity, among myths and others. What we have is an assortment of rainbow colored "fruits" that function as different areas of consciousness which are connected by pathways or rivers.

With relationship to the Bible, the man and woman are at the sides only able to "eat" from the "heavens", while the forbidden fruit of "God" is out of their reach. But the pathway of the "Son of God" is not existant as an "expanse" while we are impure. But through purity, the Son of God will rise up from the from the place of Adam(name refering to terms for red and land), through the "midst" and in the "likeness of God" to the 7th level, or the 12th fruit.

Concepts relating to energy must have been known to them, I am not saying electricity. But the terms of male and female refer to the rivers as to wherter they carry this energy from us or to us. The masculine carries the energy from us to the higher levels of our being to express our thoughts. While the female percieves the thoughts from the parts of our being that is above us. But the Son of God resprsents a union of male and female where there is no conflict of thoughts, which is like a bidirectional pathway. I would guess that some of this is done so that we can not bring utter chaos to what God has created, by causing these things to be seperated within us while we are impure. But when we become pure, we can percieve and comprehend more, and to understand the ramifications of what we do if we are given spiritual gifts. But this does not mean that we can not gain the ability to use them unless we are totally pure, but merely lack control and understanding to use them wisely and correctly until then.

Please be aware that I am just describing the inner dynamics of our spiritual being and these relates to the quality of morality and judgements of Good and evil, but there are external forces which may also affect ourselves just as much. But we are the real creators of what is within us, and most of us not able to comprehend this at this time.

The Spirit of God is supposedly responsible for keeping our entire spiritual being into existance. And we can never say that we are without him, just unaware of him.

As you see or the righthand side, there are 7 levels, but when you look on the lefthand side, these are the 12 fruits. The rising of the Son of God up through each level is to be considered a "day". Also this is just a simple diagram overview of some of the basics.

Each fruit is like a vortex of spiritual energy, with smaller vortexes within, or "corners". The "Earth" as the red land has 4 corners, each corners is like a head of a river. These 4 rivers affect and join these fruits. The idea of replenishing the Earth relates to the bringing about the only river that may "die" and be be "born" within us, the Son of God, so we have all 4 rivers, not just 3. And the idea of being fruitfull relates to purifing the higher parts of ourselves between us and God, which permits the Son of God to unite these areas on consciousness into "one". Then multiplying is a term that is a codeword for being with God, or achieving the last fruit. But it is not the fruit that is God, but most likely only a higher part of our consciousness that is available to the pure so that we may communicate to God through. I am, not sure what to think of it, except for like a built in "link to God".


There are many 10's in the bible, but basically they refer to the Heavens, or what is between us and God. The Earth is usally related to as ground or stone, the heavens to water and fish, and the place of God to air and birds. For instance the tithe refers to the giving up the the things that we percieve to be true from the lowest part of ourconsciousness, and to recieve the higher truths. If we can give up the assumptions that we currently have, there are 10 other fruits that are a part of us already, but we do not have them yet, but merely take from them as we see fit currently. We are told to take care of these higher qualities and to make them pure and then we may have these higher parts of our consciousness as if they are one with our own.

But the Earth is our foundation, and we have to start from the ground upwards. Each part must be made pure so that the Son of God may be able to rise up though them. Making a pillar of stones can refer to the union through these parts of our consciousness, and the annointing of oil refers to the last area of our consciousness, and to God.

These fruits, affect our ability to comprehend things on different levels, and as to our frame of mind and the ability to judge things correctly, and basically to what is termed evil and good. The quality of the fruits determine the quality of our thoughts and our actions, while the quality of our actions determing the quality of our fruits, like a catch 22.

It seems like we need to have some faith and to ask ourselves what is right and what is wrong, and to stop assuming what is and isn't.

Solomon .....