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  The Bible  



The Bible is a great work of poetry in a sense. You can read books for yourself about the origins of the Bible. I am only here to talk about the Bible in a spiritual sense. And it should not negate any ideas that you have if they are close to the truth, but maybe shed light on them. And any other fields that people are trying to apply the Bible to, I hope them the Best of Luck.

My idea - Imagine people of great wisdom trying to preserve their knowledge. If the wise could not survive or knew that something will happen or were few in number, one way to preserve wisdom is to incorporate it into something that people of lesser wisdom would keep, and then those others would see it when mankind has started searching for wisdom again. But there has been wise people throughout history, but not the majority of mankind. Maybe there is a turning point. Forget discrepencies, it is not historical, just inspired by historical events, but is a treasury of information to enlighten each individual. Not by imposing laws, but hopefilly inspire some to awaken parts of their being to be more aware.

Our mind and physical health and spiritual aspects are all tied together and affect each other.

The Bible unquestionably supports the new age concepts of spiritual anatomy, pertaining to things like the chakras and nadis. From the bible, ther are 7 connecting points of the chakras and 12 faces of the chakras. Along with the 4 major nadis or currents of energy or consciousness. The first spirit is the Holy Spirit, which is called the Sushumna in yoga. The second and thrid is the soul, and it is considered split into 2 halves, the son and daughter of the earth, and the are called Ida and Pingala in yoga. The last but most important is the Spirit with a capital, is the Son of God, or Kundalini in Yoga.

Here is a basic diagram from information of various sources that i put together, it fits various beliefs and the Bible. I am not responsible for the accuracy of the information that beliefs presented, I only try to interpret them according the the points that I believe the authors are trying to make. As you can see on the side view, 10 of the 12 chakra faces are in pairs, resulting in 7 levels. The chakras seem to be like whirling funnels of higher "spiritual" energy that are responsible for different aspescts of our mind and health at various locations of our physical body. The spirits are flows of this energy from the chakras. The major spirits travel to and fro the chakras, while lesser spirits reach from different chakras to the bodies, physical and spiritual.