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  Alpha Omega  

Α α Alpha(1)

Ω ω Omega(800)

"great O"


Aleph Aleph (ox)

1st letter

Ayin Ayin (eye)

24th letter

Pheonician corresponding letter

no numerical values, had own characters

א Alef (1) ע Ayin (70) Hebrew (numerical value)    
oxalp (ox)   proto canaanite    

Ο ο Omicron (70)

"small o"

this greek letter also came from Ayin also    

Ox (woman)

= receptive

eye (as spiritual fruits)

= God (place of; The fruit)

? = through Him we shall know God  

This may be right? There may be other ideas associated with this. For instance the number 70....

Bird = God, Man = Son of God, Lion = son of man?, Ox = daughter of man?

right side man, left side woman......

I have not double checked this yet.

woman can also relate to being receptive to the heavens, not just receptive. But with christ, it relates to being one with the heavens and with God.

But you can also look at it from the view of the first and the last. But also Man as the first fruit and God as the last fruit.


Alpha, first letter. Omega last or 24th letter.

24 refers to the total of 12 Evil and Good fruits.


First and last can refer to the son of man, then the son of god.


Many concepts can be applied.....................



The beggining and the end... creation and revelation is of the same concept. about purifying the aspects of oneself, so one may know the last that connects us to god..... deserves considerable thought...... Both stories are the same when you know what it means, both are about the concept of christ with in us, the creations makes it seem like it has already happened, revelation makes it seem like it is yet to some, but the chaos is within us now, when it is gone is creation, the end of bad times that always have been here..................


Christ represents the aspects of male and female, male of our word, and female refering to recieving god's word.


We start knowing of the heavens through the feminine aspect, but know them and god thought the chrsit aspect.


A guess is that the small o refers to God, but the big O shows God, but that we are connected to him though the opening?????